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Within the separate peak lists detailed below we have listed every major summit over 5000m in the Andes, a total of nearly 1000 mountains. There are also links thru to many information pages with brief details and a photo of over 250 of the mountains of the Andes. However if you want to get full details on how to go about climbing these peaks we're afraid you'll have to spend some money and buy our guidebook! most recently updated in 2020. It does contain over 350 pages of information and gives descriptions of how to climb over 300 peaks.

Edward Earl

Edward Earl

The photo above is of Edward Earl who lived in Washington state, USA. I never met him but we corresponded for the last few years of his life by email, trying to sort out some of the heights of Andean peaks. Sadly Edward died in an accident whilst crossing a river in Alaska in June 2015.  He was a great help to me in putting together more accurate peak lists for the Andes. The results of this collaboration were a big help to the 4th and 5th editions of my Andes Guidebook and some of Edwards work can also be seen in the many pages on this part of the website.