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 Site last updated on Thursday 11th August 2022.

Our calendar of expeditions for 2022-2023  features new trips like our First Ascents in Peru scheduled for May 2023, alongside older itineraries that are already part full, like our Peru 6000m+  expedition in November 2022 and Ojos del Salado in January 2023. After two difficult years we're hoping the Andean 2022-2023 season will be a better year for us and the travel industry.... and indeed for everyone!!

Tolima as seen form near Paramillo del Quindio to the west, Los Nevados, Colombia.

Nevado Tolima as seen form near Paramillo del Quindio to the west, Los Nevados, Colombia.

NEW - I now have a (provisional) list of the climbers who have climbed the highest number of the Andean 6000m peaks.


Information about the climbing and trekking guidebooks to the Andes which John Biggar has authored. These have been translated into French, Spanish, Czech & Polish. You can purchase the English edition through this website. The 5th English edition was published in February 2020.


We can provide or organise logistical support for many types of mountain expeditions, in many parts of the Andes. In the past ANDES have organised treks, ski holidays, expeditions and guided climbing for private individuals, groups of friends, schools, clubs and military groups

Scheduled Courses & Expeditions

Every year ANDES schedule a small number of unique and interesting expeditions to the Andes and Latin America. Many of these are First Ascents and other exploratory expeditions. The majority of these are led by John Biggar in person, with one or two selected trips being led or co-led by other qualified and experienced leaders.

Climbing & Ski Mountaineering Instruction & Guiding

In addition to the scheduled expeditions and courses that john Biggar/ANDES organise, we can organise instructional courses, expeditions and straightforward ski-touring trips in many diverse parts of the world.

Scottish Climbing Instruction (opens in website)

John Biggar can also instruct winter climbing, scrambling, rock climbing and ski-mountaineering in all parts of Scotland. In the past I've run winter skills and ski-touring weekends, week long winter courses and guided ascents of classic rock climbs for individuals, families, Mountain Rescue Teams and clubs.

Who We Are

This page tells you more about John Biggar and ANDES. Who runs the business and where our office is located.

Why book with ANDES and John Biggar?

  • Past Successes. Many of the mountaineering expeditions to the Andes that we organise offer those critical extra 2 or 3 days and low guide:client ratios necessary for success on a big mountain.
  • We're Good. We are highly recommended by past customers. Have a look at the Customer Satisfaction page for further details. Not surprisingly we have very high repeat booking rates and referral booking rates and run a lot of private itineraries. That's why we have hardly advertised for more than ten years.
  • We're Specialists.  John Biggar personally has MORE experience of operating mountaineering, skiing and trekking expeditions to South America than anyone else in the world. He has more than twenty-five years of experience climbing and skiing in the Andes and has climbed over 350 of the 5000m+ summits and skiied on over 100 different peaks in Patagonia.
  • We get lots of Repeat Business. We have many satisfied customers, including some who have completed more than ten expeditions with us. Thom from Scotland just recently climbed his 30th major 6000m+ peak in the Andes. All these were climbed with John as a guide and organiser..... although we should point out that Thom has put a lot of effort in himself over the years!
  • Small Groups.  Smaller groups are more flexible and much less intrusive in remote mountain areas.  Our maximum group size on all regular courses and expeditions is four. Have a look at the 'Our Style'  page for further details.

Guidebooks, Map & Photo Libraries

Andes Guidebooks   Details of the guidebooks we publish - 'The Andes - A Guide for Climbers and Skiers' and its E-book, French, Spanish, Czech and Polish editions. The 5th English edition was published in February 2020 with the E-book version following in June 2021. Spanish and French editions of this guidebook were published in 2007 and 2009, a Polish edition in 2012 and a Czech edition in 2019. A new Spanish 2nd edition E-book is due in September 2021.

Guidebook, Photo and Map Library    Information about the extensive guidebook, photo and map library I maintain at the office in Castle Douglas.

Los Andes - Guia para Escaladores The Andes - A Guide for Climbers and Skiers ISBN 978-0-9536087-6-8  Czech edition 2018

Contact Details

For further details of the services John Biggar can offer, more information on the mountains of South America, or to purchase guidebooks please contact us at

or by phone 01556 503929 from the UK,  + 44 1556 503929  from elsewhere in the world.

You are also welcome to write or visit at

John Biggar, ANDES, 37a St. Andrew Street, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG7 1EN, SCOTLAND


The office is located in the middle of the town of Castle Douglas, which lies in Galloway in southern Scotland about half-way between the towns of Kirkcudbright and Dumfries.

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