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Guidebook, Photo and Map Library

ANDES have an extensive guidebook, photo and map library for the Andes in the office in Castle Douglas. With over 50 guidebooks and 300 topographic maps, plus a large number of other reference books, magazine articles and other materials this is one of the most extensive collections of material on mountaineering in the Andes anywhere in the world. For copyright reasons we cannot copy and send out any of this material, but genuine personal callers are always welcome to visit and browse.

We are always interested to buy rare items to improve the collection.


We have over 40 climbing and trekking guidebooks to the Andes and Brazil, mostly in Spanish or Portuguese. We also have a large reference collection of journal and magazine articles. Only a few of these are available outside South America, and many of them are no longer available anywhere!

Whole Andes - 14 different guidebooks

Argentina - 9 trekking and climbing guides

Bolivia - 3 trekking and climbing guides

Brazil - 10 climbing and walking guides

Chile - 4 climbing guides

Ecuador - 1 climbing guide

Peru - 10 climbing and trekking guides

Venezuela - 2 climbing and trekking guides


We have a photo library of nearly 10,000 shots including pictures of all the 6000m peaks from almost every angle and indeed the vast majority of snow-capped peaks in the Andes.


We have maps giving full coverage at the best available scale of 98% of Andean peaks over 5000m.

Argentina - 65 topographic maps

Bolivia - 45 topographic maps

Brazil - only one road atlas!

Chile - 63 topographic maps

Colombia - 12 topographic maps

Ecuador - 30 topographic maps

Peru - 70 topographic maps

Venezuela - 5 topographic maps

To make an appointment to visit the library please telephone me in person - John Biggar on 01556 503929. Please note that weekend visits are not usually suitable but evening visits are normally fine. Castle Douglas is in southern Scotland, 2-2 hours drive from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle, 3 hours from Manchester, 4 or 5 hours from Birmingham and Sheffield.

Andes map and guidebook library, Castle Douglas