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The Top Twenty

Further details of how to climb all of the peaks featured here are available in 'The Andes - A Guide for Climbers and Skiers' by John Biggar (ISBN 0-978-0-9536087-6-8).  Available for purchase on our  Guidebooks   page.

Aconcagua at sunrise.

Aconcagua, 6959m, from Casa de Piedra at sunrise.

                Ojos del Salado, 6893m,  from the Argentine side at Cazadero Grande.

Monte Pissis, 6793m, from the Laguna Verde.

Cerro Bonete, 6759m, (a.k.a. Bonete Chico)  from Baboso

High on the glacier on Llullaillaco on the Chile/Argentina border, At 6752m this is the 5th highest mountain in the Andes, and the highest peak known for sure to have had an ascent at the time of the Incas.

No. 6 in the Andes, the little known Tres Cruces Sur 6748m and no. 11 in the Andes, Tres Cruces Central 6629m, seen from the summit of Ojos del Salado.

Huascaran Sur 6746m on the right and Huascaran Norte, 6655m seen form Anta in the Callejon de Huaylas.  These are the 7th and 10th highest Andean peaks.


Cerro Mercedario at about 6710m is the 8th highest in the Andes.

9th highest, Cazadero 6670m, a.k.a. Walther Penck from above the El Arenal base camp.

The 10th highest is Huascaran Norte, see picture of Huascaran Sur above.

The 11th highest is Tres Cruces Central, see picture of Tres Cruces Sur above.

Incahuasi on the Chile-Argentina border is 6621m high.

Yerupaja, 6617m is by far the hardest and most dangerous of the top 20, and the highest point of the Cordillera Huayhuash. There have been several deaths in recent years on this the unlucky 13th highest Andean peak.

Tupungato 6570m, from the north at Punta de Vacas.

Sajama, 6550m is the highest peak in Bolivia, and 15th in the Andes.

El Muerto, 6510m, seen from high on Ojos del Salado, is the 16th highest in the Andes.

Nacimiento is probably the 17th highest Andean peak, quoted at 6436m it is actually more like 6460m high.

Sunset over Antofalla, Argentine Puna de Atacama.

Sunset over Antofalla, c.6440m, the 18th highest peak, Argentine Puna de Atacama.

Illimani 6438m as seen from the Bolivain capital city of La Paz.


In the distance on the left, the steep cone of Veladero, is at 6436m the 20th highest Andean peak.


All photos  John Biggar, 1995-2023.

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