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Information on the Andes and South America

Andean Links - A huge page of links on Andean languages, culture and travel. Almost everything, including ourselves, is here somewhere!

Direccion Meteorolgica de Chile - Chilean Weather Forecasts    As it says!  Easy to use and reliable forecasts for mountains in the Andes and elsewhere.

Some Superbueno Travel Links

The High Altitude Medicine Guide - As it says - Currency Converter   Universal Currency Converter. Need to know how many Armenian Drams you get for a Uruguayan Peso? The answer at 22nd Feb 2006 is 18.12

The World Clock - Time Zones   What time is it in Buenos Aires or Addis Ababa now?

Fit for Travel    A good Scottish Health Service website giving information about vaccinations, health risks etc. good maps of Malaria hazard zones for each country.

FCO The Foreign And Commonwealth Office - UK travel advisories, not quite as many warnings as the Americans.....

Books, Maps, etc

The Map Shop - UK based map shop.     UK based map shop. Excellent service.

Omnimap    US map retailer.

Cordee   UK based specialist guidebook retailer and outdoor book distributors.

Nevicata    Publisher of the French editions of our guidebooks.

Climbing Magazines

A Spanish magazine with a lot of useful articles on the Andes     A Spanish magazine with frequent articles on the Andes (if you can read Spanish!).

Rock and Ice   US Climbing magazine.

Climbing magazineAnother good US climbing magazine.

Climber magazine   UK Climbing Magazine.

Mountaineering and Trekking Equipment

Aiguille Alpine   Great rucksacks. Comfortable and tough.

PH designs   Down jackets and sleeping bags.

Solid tents that stand up in almost any conditions   Solid tents that stand up in almost any conditions.


DMM Manufacturer of climbing gear   A hardware manufacturer  in North Wales.  

Great fleece and rainproof clothing for mountaineers. Fleece clothing for mountaineers.

NeedleSports climbing shop     A Keswick mountaineering shop who deliver anywhere. Good no-nonsense advice on their site.

Expedition Kit Hire  A relatively new expedition kit hire company, just about everything you could possibly want to hire with the  exception of chocolate bars!

Castle Douglas, Galloway and Scotland

  John Biggar's personal home page.     John Biggar's personal home pages, with extensive climbing topos for many of the Galloway crags.

Mountaineering Scotland

Mountaineering Scotland, Scotland's national mountaineering organisation. Information on walking, skiing and climbing in Scotland.

Galloway Climbing  Climbing in Galloway. Lots of pictures. Page run by the owner of Needlesports, a Keswick climbing shop with on-line purchase and expert advice.

AMI - The Association of Mountaineering Instructors   The UK based Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

MWIS - Weather Forecasts        UK mountain weather forecasts.


British Backcountry      A Facebook group for backcountry skiing in the British Isles.

BASI       British Association of Snowsport Instructors

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